Making ends meet

It’s been a hectic week. 

Sunday through Wednesday, I was off on a trip to Montauk, NY with the guys.  We ostensibly went to fish for striped bass and bluefish.  Truthfully, the conversation and camaraderie are the real attractions. 

And the food.

One of the hallmarks of this annual trip has been the outrageously wonderful things we do with the catch of the day.  I hope to get to posting some of those dishes soon.

Meanwhile, back at work yesterday and today, I have been playing some serious “catch-up” (not catsup as in Heinz) in the office.  Both days, I didn’t leave my desk until about two in the afternoon and only then because I had to run to make a deposit at the bank.

Today, I also ran home for a quick bite of lunch.  You see, I only live a few blocks from the office I work in and the company’s bank has a branch that completes a neat little three-block triangle.

I was trying to think of something available at home for a quick, satisfying bite as I left the bank.  In my mind I was running through the inventory of items

I knew were available to me at home when inspiration struck.

I had taken a couple of bacon ends to Montauk with me with the intent of dicing them up, frying them off and then tossing with some fresh, late season green beans for dinner one night.  As the successive waves of provisions were loaded into the fridge at the borrowed house, the bacon got lost in the shuffle, only to be found when we were packing everything up to return home. 

Also in the fridge was a piece of bleu cheese…two different kinds, actually.  A piece of gorgonzola and a piece of stilton; the former had been served with cocktails one evening and the latter with honey as dessert.  Somehow, I had inherited them both when we broke camp.

There was a rustic country loaf I had baked sitting, untouched on the counter.

Suddenly, I had a plan.

Upon entering the house, I made straight for the kitchen.  The cheese and the bacon were retrieved from the icebox.  A small frying pan was placed on the stove over a medium flame and in went the pork.

With the pork fat slowly rendering out of the bacon, I turned to the bread and cut off the heel far enough in to get then carve off two sandwich size slices. (I confess I ate the heel with a hunk of the bleu cheese).

After turning the bacon over in the pan, I cut two very thin portions of the cheese and laid one each on the slices of bread.

At this point, the aroma of the sizzling bacon roused the dogs from their afternoon nap.  Kirby had gone out into the backyard to patrol for squirrels, but Jackson stayed in the kitchen to supervise me.  His diligence rewarded with a taste of the cheese.

When the bacon ends were fully cooked, I removed them to a cutting board and broke them down into bite-sized pieces.  Placing the bacon on top of the cheese on one piece of bread, I inverted the remaining cheese adorned slice on top and pressed down!

bacon bleu

Sandwich of bacon and bleu cheese

Voila!  Bacon and bleu cheese sandwich.

(Just don’t tell my physician, ok?)


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One Response to “Making ends meet”

  1. Kevin Says:

    Glad to see you found a good use for that bacon that mysteriously disappeared when it was time for the green beans… Look forward to your post about Montauk. It’s good to be the apex predator in the food chain…

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