Better than milk and cookies

A tall glass of cider and a few ginger snaps

Although I like aspects of all four seasons here in New Jersey, there is something about the fall that is most enjoyable. The winding down of the yard work that by Labor Day has become more chore than pleasure; the late season bounty of the farmer’s markets; and those brilliantly clear days when the colors of the changing leaves pop against the blue sky.

And is there anything better on an Indian summer afternoon (such as we had this past weekend), than a refreshing glass of ice cold apple cider and a couple of ginger snap cookies?

It’s the yin and yang of the season; a taste of both outdoors and indoors. A good cider will reflect all the best qualities of the apples used to produce it. It will be crisp and refreshing as a hike in the October woods.

The cookies are redolent with ginger and cinnamon and sugar. Spicy wafers that hint of fresh from the oven pumpkin pies and candied yams of not too far off Thanksgiving.

Refreshing and comforting at that same time, cider and ginger snaps are a simple, seasonal pleasure.


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