Leftovers, Pt. 1: What’s on your sandwich?

Six of us were having (a non-turkey) dinner Saturday night and discussing Thanksgiving leftovers.

All were pretty much in agreement that no matter how much was consumed at the T-day table, the day wasn’t complete until a turkey sandwich was constructed and consumed. But what constituted the perfect sandwich was another matter.

For me, the sandwich had to have both white and dark meat; on buttered bread that was then slathered with mayonnaise. My earliest memories are of the sandwich being constructed on two slices of the mainstream Wonder-type grocery store bread.  As I got older, I would look for something more substantial to build the sandwich on.  Rye if there was some in the house, or a couple of slices of italian bread left over from the ravioli portion of the meal.  Some years, torpedo rolls or (better yet) snowflake* rolls purchased in advance for this purpose were employed in the production of the postprandial sandwich. Now days, the sandwich is built with two slices of homemade, rustic bread.

No matter what breadstuffs were employed as bookends, the contents of my sandwich was always the same, turkey, butter, mayo.  I thought, in my youthful ignorance, that was the only acceptable recipe for a turkey sandwich made from Thanksgiving leftovers.

As noted in my post about cranberry sauce, I was in college when I was introduced to the basic turkey sandwich with cranberry sauce added.  Interesting…it adds a touch of sweet and sour to the classic combination.  But I wasn’t giving up my standard.

Some folks, I have come to find out, add a helping of leftover dressing to their sandwich, either with or without the cranberry sauce.  I have to admit, I haven’t tried this.  I love our traditional sausage and mushroom dressing and will heat up a helping to have on the side with my turkey sandwich. 

The idea of adding what is essentially a savory bread pudding to the contents of a sandwich seems, even to me, a bit of overkill.

Then again, Thanksgiving does celebrate bounty/encourage gluttony, so why not?

*For those not familiar, the snowflake roll is a soft dinner roll similar to the common hamburger bun but dusted generously with flour for the “snowflake” effect.  Delightfully messy and quite a tasty conveyance for all manner of hand meals (aka sandwiches).


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