Working on the cure

A brief update on my adventures in charcuterie.

The duck breasts I cured early in the fall turned out ok (not great, but ok). 

And pancetta, version 2 was just a little less ok. (see my entry on Bacon! for more information)

In both cases, I think I let them hang a little too long and so they dried out a little more than necessary.

In the case of the duck breasts, I was looking for that 30% loss of weight.  The product never quite hit that mark and was a little dry and chewy…but quite savory.

Similarly, the pancetta seems a little tough but tasty.  It fries up nicely and renders out a savory fat.

Lesson learned…be guided by percentage of original weight lost in the process, but go by touch.  The product should firm up, but still have some “give” to the touch.

We’ll keep working on the cure.


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