Not to my taste

I truly pity the people of Brooklyn who are represented by Assemblyman Felix Ortiz. Ortiz has introduced a bill into the New York legislature that would ban salt usage in every restaurant in New York State.

How asinine!

Of all the things a legislator should be worrying about/working on, banning salt from professional kitchens is not one of them.

I recognize that over consumption of salt is a health problem.  But most of our dietary salt intake comes from pre-packaged, processed foods. For a brief, but salient take on this read Michael Ruhlman’s recent, self-described “salt rant.”

As many in food professionals have pointed out, many of the products used in restaurant kitchens already contain salt, so banning the use by chefs and cooks is not going to have the desired effect.

These types of bills are simply an abuse of legislative process and power.  They waste the taxpayer’s money and the government scant resources on unenforceable and illogical laws.

Mr. Ortiz and other like-minded, well-intentioned legislators should really think before introducing such stupid bills.


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