Sweet memory

The annual article appeared in the newspaper a few weeks ago.  The Allfather’s coconut eggs were back in the stores.

Allfather's Coconut Cream and Vanilla Cream eggs

I’m not much for candy and, frankly, never have been.  But Halloween and Easter were candy filled holidays when I was a kid.  And I have to admit, I sort of looked forward to a brief overload of chocolate and sugar and the like.

While we would go door to door to score the candy in October, the chocolate treats just showed up in baskets on Easter; first, at home, then later in the day at my grandmother’s house.

Some years it was solid chocolate bunnies; some years hollow; sometimes eggs or chocolate covered marshmallow figures on a stick.

And some years there would be an Allfather’s egg.

The original Allfather's egg showing the "yolk"

The Allfather’s Candy Company is a century old Trenton tradition best remembered for their “Easter Egg” product.  The coconut cream eggs were known for their “yolk” center of filling dyed yellow.  I can remember discussion and debate between those who were fond of them and looked forward to them each spring and those who weren’t crazy about them.  I seem to recall being in the latter camp.

So, there it was, firmly planted in my subconscious…Easter is Allfather’s Egg time.

I was running through the Wegmans market outside of Princeton when I happened upon a stash of the Allfather’s eggs.

“Cool,” I thought to myself, “Wegmans is stocking a local product.”

Without any hesitation, I picked up one of the traditional coconut cream eggs to bring home to Ann (she of the sweet tooth).

Just as soon as I got home and put the rest of the groceries away, I cut into the egg and sliced off samples for Ann and myself. We savored the sweet chocolate and coconut confection.  Although that was my only taste, the remainder of the eight ounce egg disappeared over the course of the next few days.

Last Friday, during my weekly trip to the Trenton Farmers Market on Spruce Street, I stopped by the Honey of A Nut store and picked up another egg.  This time, I got the one pound size to ensure it would last until Easter.  And I grabbed an eight ounce vanilla cream egg, just to sample.

Allfather's vanilla cream egg

As I write this, they are half gone.  And when we’ve finished them, I will have more than satisfied my curiosity.  I’m pretty sure I wasn’t all that keen on these eggs when I was a kid; and I know that I’m not that fond of them now.


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One Response to “Sweet memory”

  1. Captain Har Says:

    Jim I make my pilgrimage to th TFM every spring for one of these Trenton treasures.

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