Steak, plain and simple

I apologize for the shortage of postings the past couple of months but life has been a little hectic.

When life is just going too crazy and things are more complicated than they need to be, it’s good to take a step back and simplify.

A steak on the grill can serve as a good antidote…but not just any old filet or NY strip.  My favored cut is a porterhouse and the simplest way to prepare and serve it is “bistecca alla fiorentina” style.

In Tuscany, the bistecca alla fiorentina is a great slab of beef from the indigenous Chianina breed of cattle.  The Chianina is known for its huge size and incredibly tender flesh.  The large steaks start at about a kilogram (2.2 pounds) in weight and go up from there.  Grilled over a wood fire so they are seared on the outside and rare (sanguinoso) on the inside, the steaks are simply seasoned with salt and pepper, dressed with a kiss of olive oil and served over a bed of arugula or with a green salad on the side. 

For our meal we settled for an aged certified Black Angus 28 ounce porterhouse. 

I fired up the grill and got it nice and hot.  I also tossed two pieces of maple I had soaked in water onto the smoking burner of my gas grill. (Ok, all you charcoal diehards…I had considered going with the traditional chunk charcoal grill, but it was raining at cooking time and it was just easier…simpler…to use the gas grill.)

I put the room temperature steak on the very hot grill and let it sear for three minutes.  I flipped it over and salted and peppered the seared side.  After another three minutes, I flipped it again and repeated the seasoning.

At this point, the steak was about done.  I took it off the grill and let it rest for about 5 minutes.  I separated the filet and strip portions from the bone, sliced them and reassembled the steak on the platter.  A drizzle of good olive oil over the top and off to the table. 

A tossed salad and a bottle of Barolo completed the meal.



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