Jersey detox sandwich

 We’re just back from an extended weekend road trip to Vermont and back.  As with all travel, a large part of the fun was trying out new places and local foods and this trip was no exception.  Plus, we were there for the wedding of the daughter of dear friends so there was all kinds of great food to overindulge in!

I asked my wife what she wanted for lunch today and she said, “something light and refreshing.” Then she suggested a simple sandwich of fresh mozzarella, tomato and basil on focaccia. Since I was running out to the market to replenish our cupboard anyway, this seemed like a good idea.

While I wasn’t able to secure a focaccia, I did get a ciabatta loaf, some jersey field grown tomatoes, a bunch of fresh basil and some handmade mozzarella at the farmer’s market. 

Back at home, I cut a four-inch length of the ciabatta and split it in half horizontally.

I laid a few basil (washed and blotted dry) on the bottom piece of bread.  On top of that I laid a couple of nice slices of tomato and then lightly sprinkled the them with a stingy pinch of kosher salt.  One quarter-inch thick slices of mozzarella were then placed over the tomato.  Add the top of the bread and you’re done.

A sweet, tangy, aromatic taste of summer between two pieces of good bread.  I feel better already.


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3 Responses to “Jersey detox sandwich”

  1. Dennis C. McGrath Says:

    mmmm … one of very few ways I will eat fresh tomatoes (it’s a long-standing dislike going back to childhood). It’s one of the few “appetizers” I’m competent to make – slice of fresh Jersey ‘to, mozzarella, basil, little olive oil and voila! if you squint hard enough it looks like I can cook. Thanks for the sandwich suggestion, Jim, it sounds like a winner!

    • Jim Carlucci Says:

      You’re welcome, Dennis. But you really need to thank Ann. It was her idea…and, yes, she is a huge fan of the insalata caprese (tomato, basil, mozzarella salad) that you described. Buon appetito!

  2. Bob Lowe Says:

    Drizzle more olive oil, and leave out the mozzarella, and the heart association will love you as much as you love eating it! As soon as more of our tomatoes ripen, we’ll be eating it daily. I call it the Stokely Special

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