Burgers plain and simple

The topic was hamburgers.  How we got to it, I don’t recall.  What I do remember is that Mark said that he had followed Tyler Florence’s suggestion to use ground brisket instead of the usual chuck or chuck/sirloin mix to make burgers and found them quite tasty.

Ground brisket? Really?

This notion rattled around in my head for awhile before I acted upon it.  Then one day I was at the store and spied some nice brisket flats in the meat case.  So I picked one up.  I also picked up a chuck roast and a small piece of sirloin.

Back home, I trimmed some of the excess fat cap off of the brisket and cubed it into roughly one and one half inch pieces.  I spread them on a cookie sheet and popped them into the freezer to firm up.  I also put the auger, blade and dye from my mixer’s grinding attachment in the freezer as well.*

Cubed brisket goes into freezer

After about 30 minutes, I assembled the grinder parts and attached them to mixer.  I tossed the meat chunks with some kosher salt and fresh ground black pepper before sending them through the grinder.

Fresh ground brisket

Working quickly, I formed patties from a handful of the freshly ground, seasoned meat.

I let them rest at room temperature while I fired up the grill.  

Patties of ground brisket ready for the grill

The patties were grilled over medium high heat for about 5 minutes per side.  Although they were a little more done than I prefer, the resulting burger was still quite moist, with a good meaty flavor and an almost fluffy texture. 

For comparison, I followed a similar process with the beef chuck and sirloin.  Mixing and grinding equal portions of each, shaping the patties and grilling them off.


  • Tasty, but not as flavorful as the ground brisket. 
  • Not quite as moist as the ground brisket.
  • Chewier and more dense in texture than the brisket burgers.

Preference: ground brisket for its flavor, juiciness and lighter texture.

Give ground brisket a try the next time you are making burgers.

*Freezing the meat keeps it firmer so it is easier to grind.  It also adds a margin of safety in handling the meat avoiding spoilage.


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