Ok. This is bad.

Pepper dogs

Even before “Chopped” appeared on the Food Network, I was familiar with the concept of trying to make something to eat out of whatever was at hand. 

I mean, really, haven’t we all done this?  Ok, maybe not with a cash prize at stake, but we’ve all rooted around in our pantries and fridges to scavenge the makings of a snack or a meal.

There was one solo weekend years ago when I discovered a box of arborio rice, several bottles of clam juice and a tin of smoked oysters on the shelf in the pantry.  Voila!  The resulting risotto was quite nice, thank you very much.

Yesterday I found myself a little extra hungry at lunch time.  There was an open package of Ball Park All Beef franks in the fridge,  a couple of hot italian banana type peppers, a small piece of cheddar cheese from Bobolink Farm (recently relocated to Milford from Vernon, NJ) and some hot dog buns.

I removed the stem, seeds and ribs from the peppers and split them.  Tucked the hot dogs inside them an nuked them for two minutes.  A little mustard on the buns, a slice of cheese and the franks swaddled in peppers.

Say what you will, I liked it!


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One Response to “Ok. This is bad.”

  1. Mister Clean Says:

    That is so freakin’ awesome. I am hungry.

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