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Fall foraging

November 10, 2013

ForagingAnn and I shirked our domestic duties (chores and such) in favor of a Sunday drive….albeit a drive with a purpose.

I wanted to check out the Brick Farm Market in Hopewell; she has been craving some of the aged cheddar from Bobolink Dairy and Bakery in Milford. So we opted to make our excursion into a an adventure to see what we might acquire for tonight’s dinner.

At our first stop, we picked up two strip steaks from grass fed beef raised on Double Brook Farm, a piece of Dante (a sheep’s milk cheese) and some prosciutto cured by Salumeria Biellese from hams of heritage breed hogs raised on the farm.

Continuing on to Bobolink, we not only grabbed some of their cave aged cheddar (a house favorite), a piece of their “Amish Blue Cheese”, some of their “Frolic and a stick of their cranberry walnut bread (plus a pair of cheddar biscuits to nibble on in the car).

On the return trip, we visited the Stockton Market. There I picked up some crimini and shitake mushrooms to go with my steak and some marinated olives from Mushrooms, Etc. We also grabbed some chocolates from the Painted Truffle.

Our menu took shape: marinated olives, an assortment of cheeses and the prosciutto for starters. Grilled, grass fed, strip steaks (mine topped with some crumbles of the blue cheese and accompanied by the roasted mushrooms finished with some butter, bourbon and rosemary) and roasted rosemary potatoes as the main course. Then came salad of lettuce, tomato and shaved finnocchio (all local produce from a prior trip to the Trenton Farmers Market) to cleanse the palate and the chocolates for dessert.

Hunting and gathering worked out.


Last chance burger blast

October 11, 2010

The weather has been so nice the past few days the urge to fire up the grill was hard to resist.  Maybe one last set of burgers would be in order.  To the wife’s chagrin, I vowed I would grind my own beef to make the patties from.

When I got to the store, there wasn’t a single piece of brisket in the case.  As an alternative, I picked up a couple of packages of beef short ribs.  Back at home, I took trimmed the silverskin and then cut the meat from the bone.  Not a cheap way to get ground meat…about 2/3 of the total weight of what I bought did not get used in the burgers.

NOTE: A frugal and thinking person would have used the bones to make a beef stock.  I’ll think of that NEXT TIME before I toss them out!

I took the trimmed meat and cut it into small cubes and put it in the freezer for awhile to firm up before grinding.  After about 45 minutes, I removed the meat and seasoned it with some kosher salt and fresh ground black pepper.  Into the meat grinder attachment of my kitchen center and, bang!, fresh ground meat, seasoned and ready to form into patties.

A quick grilling and dressing as per our usual preferences. 

Result…again a tasty burger with really nice texture.  However, Ann and I decided we preferred the all brisket burger to the short rib version.